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Aerovent is the recognized leader in the field of air moving and ventilation equipment. Aerovent, a division of Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd., builds a wide variety of air moving equipment from OEM propellers to complete Air Make-Up systems, but our primary business is the manufacture of heavy-duty industrial axial flow fans. Some of the markets served by our products include Power Generation, Paper Mills, Automotive, Warehousing, Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Oil Refining. Active research, coupled with experience and innovation, allows Aerovent to push the envelope of power and efficiency in the fan industry. Adjusting and adapting to the needs of the industry and the progress of technology have always been an integral part of the Aerovent plan.


Minneapolis, MN Headquarters

We are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of industrial air moving equipment in the country. We believe this is due to an unbeatable combination of the fans we manufacture and the "can do" attitude of Aerovent people. Our products are top-of-the-line, tested, consistent, and reliable. Our people are innovative, have technical expertise, and provide answers to your problems. Combine the two and you get a product you can depend upon, and people you can trust.


Fans ready for shipment
Aerovent fans ready for shipment circa 1928 History

Aerovent, a company of quality, stature and endurance, began in 1932, as Piqua Electric Manufacturing. This tiny Midwestern fabricator, who produced "aeroplane propeller" industrial fans, fought to secure a foothold in the emerging air moving and ventilation market through quality products with innovative features. Seven decades have passed and the Aerovent line has become the symbol of quality air handling equipment in every industry. Advanced engineering, accurate and dependable ratings, and fully guaranteed performance have served as our guide in the development and manufacture of excellence and serviceability.

Strengthened by our roots, deeply planted in knowledge and experience, Aerovent is setting the industry standard, and the competition is following suit. A new manufacturing facility and a dedicated work force of highly skilled and committed employees keep Aerovent at the forefront in fan manufacturing. An AMCA registered test laboratory assures that Aerovent remains the quality leader in the field of air moving and ventilation equipment. A knowledgeable representative sales force insures that the right product is matched to each application - every time.

Manufacturing Capability

Aerovent's primary manufacturing site sprawls over 145,000 square feet in Aberdeen, South Dakota. We also have sites in Mitchell, Elkton and Brookings, South Dakota, as well as Covington, Ohio. Our facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment and innovative manufacturing processes but it is the people who work here - their skill, their knowledge, and their commitment to build the best fans in the world - who make Aerovent a leader in the industry. Aerovent has provided quality air moving and ventilation equipment for over seventy years. The highest quality materials, the most advanced equipment and techniques, and complete in-house fabrication all contribute to a product line unsurpassed in the air moving industry. Continued research and development of innovative designs also help Aerovent maintain their leader status. One example of Aerovent's commitment to development is the invention of the Macheta® tip on cast aluminum airfoil blades, featured in Aerovent Bulletin 168, Panel and RingFans.