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About Us

Air Blast Inc. has been a pioneer in the Air Knife industry with patents on the high-velocity, high-efficiency blow off systems. Air Blast has been making their patented Air Knives in the United State for over 30 years. Air Blast Inc. was established in 1973 to build engineered air blow off systems.


Air Blast System

The Air Blast blow off system is a high velocity air jet (Air Knife) that blows water droplets off different parts following a washer or cooler system. The system is used to blow water off bottles, extrusions, cleaned parts and many more parts. The average water droplets are easily blown off. Tiny droplets and water film are more difficult to remove. To remove tiny droplets, normally the product must pass through the "Air Blast" more than once. If the product must be completely dried, warm air must be blown over the product after the main droplets are blown off. Normally the Air Blast blow off is adequate, and the water film dries quickly in the open air. The "Air Blast" system is also used for blowing chips, or particles off glass, metal or wood. The Air Blast cleaning system can be incorporated with an exhaust system when required.