Quick Ship

When you need a quality fan in a hurry, you can depend on Aerovent's S.O.S. Program.

Aerovent has provided high quality air moving equipment for over 65 years and is the recognized leader in the industry. Our Ship-Out-of-Stock (S.O.S.) program allows standard fans to be shipped within 48 hours.
Click here for the Aerovent Ship-Out-Of-Stock Bulletin.
  • The program offers standard fans and accessories.
  • All axial flow fans have motors and drives mounted. Centrifugal fans are stocked without motors and drives, but as an option they can be shipped with motors and drives.
  • All fans are fully crated and ready for immediate shipment without modifications.
  • If any special modifications are needed, our Ten-Day Priority Shipment Program is available to provide built-to-order fans., Please contact Powell & Associates for more information concerning our expedited shipment programs.

Fans Types Available in the S.O.S. Program

Application Fan Types

Utility Mancoolers — Type UM
Panel Fans, Direct Drive — Type DDP
General Ventilation Panel Fans, Belt Drive — Type BP
Roof Ventilators, Direct Drive — Type D53
Roof Ventilators, Belt Drive — Type B53 & BD40C

Backward Inclined Utility Blowers — Type BIUB
Industrial Ventilation Tubeaxial Fans, Belt Drive — Type TABD & TTABD
Vaneaxial Fans, Belt Drive — Type VTBD

Fiberglass Tubeaxial Fans, Belt Drive — Type FBD & TFBD
Chemical Process (Corrosive Gases, Fumes & Vapors) Fiberglass Vaneaxial Fans, Belt Drive — Type VTFBD
Fiberglass Roof Ventilators, Belt Drive — Type FRV