Aerovent Testing Laboratory

Aerovent's airflow, acoustics, safety and reliability testing facility is used to conduct numerous types of tests for quality assurance, research and development, product certification (AMCA license), and product safety (UL listing). It is maintained as an AMCA Accredited Laboratory* for air performance testing (per AMCA Standard 210), inlet and outlet sound testing (per AMCA Standard 300), and is a member of Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) Client Test Data Program (CTDP). The laboratory regularly tests Axial Fans, Mixed Flow Fans, Jet Fans, Power Roof Ventilators, and Centrifugal Fans and blowers.

In 1993, the laboratory was expanded to include a semi-reverberant room, qualified per AMCA Standard 300, and moved away from downtown noise sources to its present suburban site next to low-traffic parkland.

High-pressure chamber data acquisition system (air and sound testing)

Our custom-designed data acquisition systems display results in real time and eliminate human error and bias. This allows for rapid, accurate testing. As required for AMCA laboratory accreditation, Aerovent results are peridically compared with tests of the same fan's performance in the AMCA laboratory to verify the accuracy of results. Similarly for UL's CTDP, all UL test standards that the TCFC laboratory is listed for are witnessed annually by UL auditors to assure test procedures are maintained to UL requirements.

Engineers and Qualified Laboratory Technicians staff the laboratory. Aerovent is continuously upgrading its testing capabilities and equipment. Recent improvements include jet fan testing capabilities per AMCA proposed 250 draft and an additional high-pressure test chamber capable of testing up to 80 in-w.g. The new high-pressure chamber uses a state-of-the-art National Instruments data acquisition system using a PXI 1010 PC Chassis that ties in all of the transducers and data acquisition cards required for performance testing. This new system meets or esceeds all AMCA/ASHRAE/ANSI requirements.

*Product performance data based on tests in an AMCA Registered Laboratory are not to be construed as being licensed to bear the AMCA seal. For more information visit the AMCA web site.


Facility specifics include:
  • A 73,000 cubic foot semi-reverberant room qualified per AMCA Standard 300
  • Sound testing to 1/3 octave bands on fan inlet or outlet
  • Three airflow test chambers designed per AMCA Standard 210
  • Airflow capacities to 63,000 CFM at 10" static pressure or 10,000 CFM to 80" static pressure
  • Air testing of Axial Fans up to 72" in diameter
  • High inertia mounting plate for vibration and modal analysis
  • A safety-testing laboratory recognized in UL's Client Test Data Program (CTDP)
  • Jet fan testing capabilities per proposed AMCA 250 draft

  • For information about the types of tests conducted, click here.