AMU Units Go Through ETL Testing

The FCBT line of Air Make-Up units has gone through ETL testing in Cortland, NY and we expect to be listing them starting in August. We have been tested according to the ANSI standard Z83.4-b-2002 for Non-Recirculating Direct Industrial Air Heaters. We will continue to offer the recirculating units, but they will remain unlisted, as will the welded line.

There were very few changes that were required to pass the test. One change that will be very obvious is the nameplate. The new nameplate will have all of the performance information on it as opposed to the old nameplate with only minimal information.

This approval allows us to sell units in areas that required a third-party approval, which includes the whole state of Minnesota and the city of Memphis. It will also allow us to conform to more specifications and not have to take exception to the third-party listing.