Introducing the New Mixed Flow Fans, Model AMX - June 2006

AMX.gif Aerovent will soon be offering the new Model AMX Mixed Flow Fan, which combines the benefits of axial flow and centrifugal flow fans. The AMX has the advantage of the compact design and straight-through airflow as well as the preferred acoustic characteristics and high pressure capability.

Mixed flow fans offer the economy of operation with a higher and broader efficiency range. The lower operating speed for a given performance provides longer and more reliable operation.

AMX fans have superior air and sound performance and carry the AMCA certified ratings seal for air and sound. The sound certification applies to both inlet and outlet sound power levels.

The mixed flow fans are a popular choice on many air supply, return and general exhaust air applications in the HVAC industry for both constant or variable air volume systems. The efficiency and sound characteristics of mixed flow fans are desirable in office buildings, hospitals, libraries and theatres. AMX's heavy-duty construction makes it equally suitable for many industrial applications handling ambient air.

More information on the AMX is available in Bulletin 330, as well as a future product page on the Aerovent web site at


AMX_whl-1.gif Fans are constructed of heavy-gauge steel and continuously welded for strength and rigidity

Wheel impeller is designed with true airfoil (double surface, hollow) die-formed, continuously-welded blades for a stable air performance throughout the operating range

Totally enclosed, sealed belt guard is standard on Models AMX

Inner tube is rigidly constructed to support the shaft and bearings

Removable discharge cone provides full access to the shaft, bearings, and fan sheave

Standard bearings are selected to exceed the L-10 life of 40,000 hours at the maximum operating speed

Straightening vanes convert tangential velocity pressure into useful static pressure, reducing turbulence and increasing efficiency