New Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower Introduced - February 2004

Aerovent's new line of cast aluminum pressure blowers fills the need for a flexible, competitively priced pressure blower fan line. Model CA pressure blowers are ideally suited for both OEM and end user customers. Potential applications for this product include welding fume exhaust systems, dust control, light conveying, and product drying. These are just a few of the applications where the model CA Blower will be a perfect solution.

Model CA is offered in both direct (CA) and belt driven (CABD) arrangements (1, 4, 4HI, and 9). Arrangement 4 is employed in the majority of OEM applications. With multiple wheel and housing combinations available, an Arrangement 4 fan will usually provide the desired flow and pressure for a given OEM application. In addition, numerous housing and wheel combinations offer the OEM customer the performance versatility of a belt driven fan, but with the simplicity and cost advantages of a direct driven fan.

Model CA is also available in Arrangement 4HI, which is similar to the standard Arrangement 4 fan, except that the 4HI fan inlet is positioned in the horizontal plane with the motor shaft in the vertical down position. This arrangement is most commonly used on small dust collectors or cyclones. For ease of selection, direct drive units are cataloged for both 60 cycle (3450 RPM Motor Speed) and 50 cycle (2850 RPM Motor Speed) operation.

The new Model CA features high strength cast aluminum alloy housings and wheels providing the customer with the following advantages:
Corrosion resistance
Reduced fan noise
Spark resistance
Reduced weight

As previously mentioned, Model CA is a very versatile product. Each of the seven available housing sizes can be fitted with multiple wheels and inlet size combinations to achieve the exact performance required for a given application. For example, a size 14 housing (Model CA-14) will accept twelve unique combinations of wheels and inlet sizes allowing us to custom "fit" a fan for your precise flow and pressure requirements.