New State-Of-The-Art, Highly Automated, Powder Coat Paint Line

paintline1.jpg Our powder coat system consists of the following:

780 feet of mono rail

3-stage washer system:
a) Stage 1- Cleaner/Phosphate
b) Stage 2- Rinse
c) Stage 3- Final Seal/ Reverse Osmosis

10 minute dry off stage

Environmental room:
a) Humidification/ Dehumidification

Nordson Excel powder booth couple with a Versa-Coat Batch Booth:
a) I-Control integrated Control System
c) Reclaim Color Module
d) Versa-Coat Spray to waste

40 minute Cure oven

Cooling Tunnel

40 minute Cure oven

Advantages of a powder coat system:
1. Higher quality paint finish
2. Better adhesion
3. Longer salt spray
4. Automated process through wash and paint
5. More efficient and constancy of mill thickness and overall paint coverage and quality