Fan Engineering Seminar to be Conducted at New Training Facility - September 2009

Our experienced and knowledgeable fan engineers want to share their knowledge with you! Aerovent is proud to introduce its new training facility and FREE one-day engineering seminar. Many of the seminar concepts will be reinforced through live demonstrations in Aerovent's accredited air and sound laboratory. The course is being submitted for approval for Professional Development Hours accreditation.

Training seminars will be conducted at Aerovent coroporate headquarters. Details and dates can be found by clicking on the link. Details

One-Day Engineering Seminar Topics:

Fundamentals of Airflow, Fans and Duct Systems:

Air Fundamentals; Volume, Pressure & Power; Fan Laws, Temperature and Altitude Effects, Understanding Fan Curves

Selecting the Right Fan:

Fan Types (Centrifugal vs. axial fan) and Performance Characteristics (Airflow, Sound and Power); Fan Arrangements, Classes and Discharges; Selecting the Proper Size, Application and Fan Selection Considerations

Fan System Effects:

Causes of Non-Performing Systems; Using System Effect Factors to Estimate Losses; Duct System Design Considerations

Fan Sound:

Terminology, Specifications and Ratings; Sound Power vs. Sound Pressure; Sound Control Methods

Balance and Vibration:

Terminology and Specifications; Causes and Cures of Vibration Problems

Fan Installation, Operation and Maintenance:

Considerations for Fan Motors, Bearings, V-Belt Drives; Storage and Startup; Proper Maintenance; Troubleshooting Problems