Field Service Department Ready to Serve - December, 2005

At Aerovent, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that equipment is operating as reliably and efficiently as it should. The service department is poised to tackle almost any field situation.

Start up services

by factory-trained personnel are beneficial to assure that the fans have been installed properly and that the proper precautions have been followed prior to "pushing the button." This protects all parties and virtually assures reliable operation of the equipment as long as recommended maintenance is performed.

Vibration analysis

and balancing is provided by talented service reps with sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment. While all fans are run tested in the factory, as-installed vibration cannot be guaranteed. Installation factors including foundations, shimming and ductwork can cause unwanted vibration that should be corrected.


of sheaves and couplings is an important part of having a successful fan installation. Our service reps have the latest laser technology for alignment and detecting soft foot.

Fan performance testing

for troubleshooting fan systems and for performance enhancement is conducted in accordance with AMCA standards.

Predictive maintenance

is a useful tool for condition monitoring for early detection of bearing defects, misalignment, looseness, build-up and vibration in rotating equipment. This is particularly beneficial for critical processes with scheduled downtimes.