Aerovent Employees Receive U.S.Patent for Weatherproof Sound Attenuating Device - December 2003

For years, the fan industry has tried to tackle the sound issue by attaching various accessories to fans in hopes of reducing sound levels. These accessories are bulky and expensive.

Traditionally, a cylindrical silencer, which contains sound insulating material, is attached to the end of a fan. This reduces the overall amount of sound emitted. Occasionally, a damper is also required to protect against moisture entering the fan. A windband is supplied on the silencer to help keep wind from pulling the damper open.

Typically, these three structures were never designed to be used with each other. Therefore, they are usually modified and bolted together to create an unsightly, bulky device. It is also believed that these accessories do not adequately remove sound.

Chuck Barry, Dave Leclerc, Kim Tang, and Jim Smith of Aerovent got together to address this issue. The result was the creation of a single device that consists of a sound diffusing device that keeps rain and wind out of the fan. "The weatherproof sound attenuating device is a sound insulating structure constructed and arranged to receive vented air from an exhaust vent attached to the structure," said Dave Leclerc. "The windband provides a structure for decreasing sound and also diverts water away from the unit, thereby preventing water from entering the exhaust unit."

The sound insulating construction has an exterior wall with an interior surface of the wall having sound insulation. The sound insulation is housed in a compartment comprised of at least an inner and outer wall. The inner wall may have more than one opening to allow the sound to pass through the wall. The windband is set up to divert water by utilizing drain openings either in the outer wall of the windband or in the bottom surface of the unit.

The weatherproof sound attenuating device is a new and practical invention that has earned a U.S. Patent. This new streamlined creation is just one of the many ideas that shows Aerovent's ingenuity and dedication to creating a better fan.