Introducing the New Square Inline Centrigual Fan

Aerovent will soon be offering the new Models SCDD Square Inline Centrifugal Direct Drive Fan and SCBD Square Inline Centrifugal Belt Drive Fan. These fans are designed for duct applications handling relatively clean air, including supply, exhaust and return air systems. They offer high efficiency and quiet operation in a compact design that can be mounted in any position (horizontal, vertical or angular).

Square inline centrifugal units feature high efficient, non-overloading, backward inclined centrifugal wheels precisely matched to a spun venturi. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced.

SCDD and SCBD fans have superior air and sound performance and are licensed to bear the AMCA certified ratings seal for both sound and air. Fans are also cULus 705 listed for electrical.

Duct collars are provided for easy mounting without the need for square to round duct transitions. The units can be easily serviced through the side access panels without removing duct connections.

SCBD inline fans are available in 29 sizes, 080 through 402. SCDD inline fans are available in 10 sizes, 080 through 165. Performance capabilities include a broad capacity range from 250 to 27,500 CFM and static pressure capabilities to 3.5 inches w.g.


  • Housing assembly features heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction.
  • Removable side panels provide easy access for service and maintenance without the need to remove duct connections. Complete removal of the power assembly is also possible through side access panels.
  • Side panels can provide a 90-degree side discharge. Requires optional side discharge accessory.
  • Backward inclined non-overloading, all-aluminum wheel and hub statically and dynamically balanced to assure long life and quiet operation.
  • Galvanized steel mounting brackets for easy mounting in horizontal or vertical position.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron adjustable pulleys to permit speed variation (Model SCBD).
  • All models are furnished with prelubricated cast iron pillow block bearings with zerk fittings, designed for an average life (L-50) of 500,000 hours or more at maximum cataloged operating speeds (Model SCBD).
  • Mounted disconnect switch provided as standard for servicing the unit without the danger of an accidental start.

More information on the SCDD and SCBD is available in the forthcoming Bulletin 340.