New Model VJ/VJBD Vaneaxial Fan Announced - February 2006

CBA-SW.gif The new AMCA certified Type "J" Manually Adjustable-At-Rest Vaneaxial Fans from Aerovent are designed to handle many applications including industrial processes, textile, air conditioning, heating and ventilating, pressurizing and wind tunnels. The heart of the Type "J" vaneaxial lies in its propeller. The manually adjustable blades allow for custom-set blade positions without loosening or removal of any hardware. The cast aluminum propeller has been painstakingly developed to provide the highest efficiency and lowest noise possible. The patented method (U.S. Patent #4,934,904) for blade adjustment allows for quick and easy performance change without the necessity of special tools. Cast of high strength aluminum alloy, the Type "J" propeller provides efficiency and reliability for your air movement requirements.

The direct drive Arrangement 4 Model VJ fan is the logical choice when space is at a premium or a simple, dependable fan with minimum maintenance is required. The belt driven Arrangement 9 Model VJBD is the perfect choice for applications that require the motor to be out of the airstream.

Additional information about the Type "J" Vaneaxial fan can be found in Bulletin 476 and on the VJ/VJBD product pages on our web site


Propeller diameters from 18" to 84"

Hub sizes from 14" to 30"

Performance capabilities range from 1,300 to 233,000 CFM

Static pressures to 6" w.g.