Aerovent Makes Wish Come True for Birds at Minnesota Zoo

As we all know fans can be used for human comfort in office buildings, manufacturing plants, etc. But fans can also be used for the health of birds!

Rob Sink, Vice President of Engineering Operations for Twin City Fan Companies, was reading a Minnesota Zoo Publication where he found a 'Wish List' notice. The wish list included a request for an Industrial Fan for the Minnesota Zoo Bird Sanctuary. Rob called the Minnesota Zoo and spoke with Dave Cruz, the Interpretive Naturalist who is responsible for the care and comfort of the many species of birds that the zoo houses. Dave explained that they need a fan to dry the mats that are laid under each bird's perch. The mats must be kept clean so the bird's feet stay clean. This requires that the mats be power washed at least twice a week, and sometimes every day. Air-drying the mats can take 24 hours, but with the fan it would only require 2-3 hours. The zoo does not have spare mats so this is a critical health need for the birds. Rob advised Dave that Aerovent has many fans to meet their need and recommended that he review Aerovent's product offering on our web site. Dave selected the Aerovent Utility Mancooler - Size 24L4-UM.

Rob then brought this 'wish' to Chuck Barry, Twin City Fan Companies' CEO, who agreed to donate the mancooler to the Minnesota Zoo and grant their wish.

The Minnesota Zoo is a remarkable zoo. It has 50 different species of birds and is one of the most successful breeding aviaries in the United States. Aerovent is proud to assist the Minnesota Zoo in their mission to 'strengthen the bond between people and the living earth'.
The fan has been in operation at the zoo for two months and the Naturalists and birds are extremely happy with their mancooler!


Dave, from the Minnesota Zoo, gladly accepts the mancooler fan from Tim Clifford, Product Manager.


Matt Settergren, Lyle Van Thomme and Tim Clifford help load the mancooler into the zoo's van.